A new dawn

Radio. I love it. I always have. A few years ago I started this site because netcasting appealed to me. Much fun was had. But the broadcast industry has netradio by the short-hairs, and streaming media software is not kept up as it should be. My grand vision for great streaming radio was disolved by anti-competition laws and poorly thought-out software solutions.

And so, this domain laid dormant for awhile.

In March of 2014 I acquired a technician class amateur radio license followed by a general class. Originally, I wanted to enjoy an old 2-way radio addiction on the HF bands. However, I’ve rediscovered a love for electronics and found a new passtime: VHF 2-way radio.

Kits were ordered. Parts assembled. So on and so forth. Slowly, as components become available, I build a 144Mhz SSB station worthy of bragging.

One small problem: Parts. Everything comes from china on the slow boat nowadays. Its frustrating to need something for a project only to find that you have to buy it from China… and that means waiting.

So with the power of the Internet and a couple of credit cards, I’ll soon be offering electronic components with fast shipping. If you are a kit designer who’s clients need a US-based supply of parts, please get in touch. I’ll be happy to stock up on the components you use.

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